Тестирование по английскому

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I have bought a computer, ________ is more expensive than this one.

There ________ some books on the shelves.

When I was a teenager I ________ a lot. But I don’t do it now.

There isn’t ________ coffee in the cup.

She ________ us tomorrow.

The meeting is cancelled. You ________ prepare your presentation.

He ________ too much.

I ________ go out today.

________ she ________ her friends yesterday?

My ________ name’s Mark.

I’m ________ actor.

Oh, we don’t have any bread at home. I ________ go and buy some.

We like ________. (Mark and Alice)

We want to meet ________ Monday.

Put ________ postcards on the table.

This armchair is ________ than that armchair.

I think that picture is ________.

________ I am going to travel all August.

They like ________ a lot.

I like ________ picture most of all.

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